tirsdag den 19. april 2011

This could totally be my next tweet

Jeg har en tåtalt hemmelig twitter. hvor jeg raser ud over verden nogle gange. Og jeg har opdaget det her som er sådan en twitter-generator-thingy, som tager de ting man tidligere har skrevet, og udregner hvad man godt kunne finde på at sige. Og fuck, det er godt.

"My throat hurts. I'm so beautiful. That's so very lonely You only eating soup.. Don't do it."
"Okay, typing without looking." (TO GANGE!)
"Thank you, know jealousy is this saturday in my teens. You seem so beautiful." (Ren poesi!)
"Okay. So I can start on their skin. I'm drunk. I've never would've thought of asses, I got into Freaks?"
"I could punch my bikini bottoms, I could say x-men, but all making me not like football. Be excited."
"I'm too much salad. Which is easy with the creepiest man, ever. Just sayin'."
"Just got home. Eating for a great writer, but all making me Seriously. I don't understand the procedue!"
"It's christmas song ever. Also: Cherry coke is returning next door. And let him do it."
"You made me not sleeping. Might be proud of asses, I just got into Freaks & Geeks."

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